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The Midwestern Princess

When Chappell Roan joins me on a Zoom call, she’s fresh out of the shower, giving formidable pop star vibes even without the pink fringe and rhinestones. As she chats about needing to paint on her eyebrows, I see that I was correct in my assumption that the artist I’ve been obsessed with ever since… Keep Reading

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Getting High With Griselda

Once upon a time in 2016, I received a call from DJ Green Lantern. While Green and I talk quite frequently, rather than speaking in his usual unenergetic tone, there was a touch of excitement in his voice this time. He went on to tell me about an artist named Westside Gunn with a crew… Keep Reading

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Gina Brillion Knows How To Make You Listen Through Comedy

Rain pelts my car windshield as I navigate through Friday night traffic in Los Angeles. I call Gina and tell her I’m running 10 minutes late but she’s calm and unfazed. “Take your time bruh, no rush. I’m already massively high.” And for a good reason: She’s about to embark on a monster three-month tour… Keep Reading

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