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Data Shows Growing Number of Native American Tribal Cannabis Business Owners

As more states continue to legalize adult-use cannabis, we’re witnessing a growing trend surrounding ownership of cannabis businesses — namely that Native American tribes are investing in cannabis with tribal-owned stores becoming increasingly more common in recent years. According to data published in MJBizDaily, the number of tribally owned retailers has grown by roughly 25%… Keep Reading

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Poll: Majority of U.S. Adults Report Positive Cannabis, Psychedelic Drug Experiences

As cannabis and psychedelics continue to experience a modern-day renaissance, with increased education and access to information surrounding their use and benefits, we’re collectively crafting new narratives after decades of inflammatory propaganda surrounding these substances. Tired messaging of the past has suggested that cannabis and psychedelic use were one-way tickets to unpleasant and traumatic experiences,… Keep Reading

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Buju Banton Wants To Share His Music (And His Weed) With You

Not many artists can continue to put out new music across multiple decades and remain relevant, but such is the case for Mark Anthony Mayrie—known professionally as esteemed reggae artist, Buju Banton. Grammy Award-winner Banton recently returned to the airwaves with a new hit single “High Life,” a collaboration with Snoop Dogg that’s part of… Keep Reading

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