Buju Banton Wants To Share His Music (And His Weed) With You

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Not many artists can continue to put out new music across multiple decades and remain relevant, but such is the case for Mark Anthony Mayrie—known professionally as esteemed reggae artist, Buju Banton. Grammy Award-winner Banton recently returned to the airwaves with a new hit single “High Life,” a collaboration with Snoop Dogg that’s part of a larger offering for which he plans to drop in July. For Banton, the July album will mark his first since 2020’s Upside Down 2020, and will aim to once again capitalize on his uplifting and entertaining point of view.

When we connect by phone, Banton is eager to communicate his joy surrounding his upcoming work with the masses and sheds some insights into his early days of music, moving from dancehall to the studio, how he taps into his inner creativity, and why cannabis is the plant of the people.

High Times: Growing up in Jamaica, did you always know you wanted to pursue music?

Buju Banton: There’s no way for me to always “know” that, I wanted to pursue music growing up, and your inclination at a certain point will steer you in a certain direction. No one grows up wanting to be a policeman all their life or a soldier all their life. There’s a certain point in your life where you make a decision.

High Times: Would you say then that your inclination for music was stronger than any other inclination?

Buju Banton: It was just too much to resist.

High Times: Was there a moment or experience when you realized that the inclination could translate into a career path?

Buju Banton: Growing up, I used to make sounds about the community in which I resided, and people in the community would eventually love it, which would encourage …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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