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Airbnb Cleanup Crew Finds 235 Pounds of Meth in Rental Home

Two suspects are accused of allegedly using an Airbnb rental to store a massive stash of drugs. According to the Alhambra Police Department (APD) in California, police officers found over 200 pounds of meth inside an Airbnb, leading to the arrest of two suspects driving a van nearby. Two suspects allegedly used an Airbnb as… Keep Reading

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Rabbit Vision

“Sex, drugs, and rock & roll, baby!” That is the Freddie Gibbs story, at least according to the man himself. Posted up at a Los Angeles restaurant just hours before his latest album $oul $old $eparately was to arrive, Gibbs was in good spirits, seemingly without a care in the world. He flirted with the… Keep Reading

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AAPI Appreciation in the World of Weed: Movers and Shakers

Race is a topic that comes up a lot in cannabis, as social equity and the War on Drugs is discussed, but APPI folks are often left out of the conversation completely. Due to the harmful and racist “model minority” myth that Asians have to be model citizens, it is often assumed that they won’t… Keep Reading

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Mindful Education: Uwe Blesching’s Thoughtful Look at the Plant

Author Uwe Blesching would like to be part of the solution in finally ending the failed War on Drugs, via education, science, and mindfulness. His literary contributions include, Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addiction, Supplement Your Pain Management with Cannabis (July 2018); The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques… Keep Reading

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