Wiz Khalifa Says He Tossed First Pitch At MLB Game While ‘Shroomed Out’

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Wiz Khalifa admitted to using some “performance-enhancing drugs” before he took the mound at a Major League Baseball game this week. 

But the rapper apparently had shrooms, not steroids, in his system.

Wiz tossed out the ceremonial first pitch on Monday at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, prior to a game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Guardians. 

“Finna get stoned af and throw this first pitch at the pirates game,” he tweeted, before following it up with more specifics.

“Shroomed out throwin a baseball is crazy,” Wiz said in another tweet moments later.

Buy me some boomers and cracker jacks, 

I don’t care if I ever come back! 

Wiz, who is currently on a nationwide summer tour with Snoop Dogg, is known to party, and has never shied away from expressing his love for marijuana. 

He’s also turned that love into a business venture, Khalifa Kush, the rapper’s own signature cannabis strain. 

The strain was “developed for Wiz back in the early 10’s, tailored specifically for his personal tastes and held closely within his private stashes in Los Angeles, California,” according to the company’s official website. 

“After years of keeping KK to himself, he chose to share KK with the world in 2014. A two year long journey led to the first Khalifa Kush flower sales in 2016 at Tryke’s Reef Dispensaries in the Southwestern US. Four years, and a full line of products later, Tryke has become part of the family. Even as the industry evolves, we remain consistent in our drive to create a world where everyone can smoke like Wiz,” the website reads.

“The KK team between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles works every day to bring KK products to market across the US, and around the world. Everything we do is rooted in authenticity, …

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Author: Thomas Edward / High Times

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