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Learning about cannabis for the first time can be daunting. While canna-curious consumers can scour the internet in search of general tips on how to start using cannabis, nothing really beats hands-on guidance from a trusted source. Which is why Lexi Kafkis created New Rituals as an essential resource for new consumers, where she acts as a guide to educate and mentor those who want to try cannabis but aren’t sure where to start.

Kafkis’s experience as a certified cannabis health coach, yoga instructor, as well as freelance creative director and brand strategist, led her to two important realizations. First, that cannabis has been used by ancient cultures across the world for thousands of years, and second, that most of today’s cannabis brands aren’t providing proper guidance that beginners need.

Through offering one-on-one virtual sessions tailored to individual consumers’ needs, as well as occasional in-person wellness classes in Los Angeles, New Rituals helps educate people on how to embrace cannabis and everything the plant has to offer.

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From Ancient Rituals to Modern Day Wellness

During Kafkis’s yoga teacher training, she was immediately fascinated by evidence of ancient cannabis use. Cannabis is mentioned in sacred Hindu texts known as the Vedas, she says, and cannabis-consuming groups such as Shivites, or holy men who worship Shiva (also sometimes referred to as the Lord of Bhang or Lord of Ganja). Further evidence of cannabis use in places such as Africa, Israel, and China, also opened her mind to its universally praised properties and the long-recognized benefits in plant medicine.

Today we’re seeing the tail end of more than 80 years of prohibition, which Kafkis describes as a “blip” in the grand scheme of human history, compared to the thousands of years that cannabis was …

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