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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #42: Puffcon, Round 3

I’ve said many times before that Puffcon is one of my favorite events in this scene – it’s like a family reunion – and thankfully this year’s event was no different. If anything, it was better.  Opening to the public for the first time – that is, to people who don’t already own a Puffco… Keep Reading

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The Summer of Busts

Though the Summer of 2023 has been flush with great musical events, from jam band farewells to EDM gatherings, there has also been the unfortunate reality of drug-related police activity resulting in numerous arrests and large amounts of party favors confiscated.  Much of this article will be centered around one particular locale where some of… Keep Reading

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Embrace Sustainability, Regeneration, and Cannabis at 420PPM

There are plenty of 4/20 events going down this week and throughout the rest of April, but not many are addressing the cannabis industry holiday and ongoing the climate crisis like 420PPM. On April 20, the 420PPM event will be held in Venice, California. PPM stands for parts per million, and during the month of… Keep Reading

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