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From the Archives: Racism & Reefer (1990)

Corporate greed isn’t the only factor which led to the prohibition of marijuana. As Jack Herer shows in this latest excerpt from The Emperor Wears No Clothes, racism, bigotry, and fear are also to blame. Since the abolition of slavery, racism and bigotry have generally had to manifest themselves in America in less blatant forms.… Keep Reading

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Comedian Mike Cannon Doesn’t Want To Talk About Phish

Taking 150mg of legal edibles before stepping on a stage probably isn’t ideal for most, but Mike Cannon took it as an opportunity to tape his third independently produced comedy special. “Mike Cannon’s Huge Mistake” was released on YouTube August 17th with no real plan other than to have a great time. And according to… Keep Reading

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Women in Weed: A Guide to the Power Players (Part 1)

It’s March, and while that certainly isn’t the only month we should be recognizing the contributions of women and femme folks in cannabis, it’s an awesome excuse to recognize some of the best in the biz. Here are a few women who are doing some seriously cool things in the world of weed. Ru Johnson,… Keep Reading

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Six Couples Open Up About Working In Cannabis Together

Going into business with your significant other isn’t for everyone, but for these couples working in the cannabis industry, it’s been a journey they wouldn’t trade for anything else. When Amy Ludlum and Peter Bishop met at the end of 2016, their shared entrepreneurial drive was evident from the beginning. “On our first date, we… Keep Reading

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