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Some NY Lawmakers Say Illicit Pot Shops Must Close Before Adding Licensed Shops

After officially legalizing cannabis for adult use in New York, the journey that followed has been fairly tumultuous as multiple roadblocks have delayed shop licensure and hindered the legal industry’s full potential. A number of lawsuits and a change in gubernatorial leadership delayed dispensary licensure and openings, in turn allowing the illicit market to flourish… Keep Reading

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Empowering Choice

Every individual’s cannabis journey has a distinctive and often unforgettable beginning. For Sara Payan, her intricate relationship with cannabis bloomed during her inquisitive teenage years. Initially sparked by youthful curiosity, her engagement with the plant took on an intensely personal and transformative dimension in her 30s. Confronted with a diagnosis of stage-three colon cancer, Payan… Keep Reading

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Comedian Brian Simpson Doesn’t Want To Kill It

Brian Simpson had a unique journey to the stage: He was a foster child and served in the Marine Corps. Over ten years ago, he attended a comedy show in San Diego that was so bad it convinced him to give it a go. Now, the host of the podcast BS with Brian Simpson is… Keep Reading

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Most Affected: Alvi Ghaznavi Helped the Community, New Jersey Objected

Alvi Ghaznavi’s cannabis journey began in his early 20s as a patient looking to treat his Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms that had once made work impossible and life unbearable. He’d pivot from the underground to the New Jersey medical market when the state legalized its use. Living what he called “a very wholesome, blessed… Keep Reading

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Psychedelic Therapy Advocate Recalls Coming Of Age In The 1960s

Free-spirited therapist Ilene English takes readers on a colorful journey into the life of a grade-A hippie with her appropriately titled memoir, Hippie Chick: Coming of Age in the ’60s. From her early experiences with therapy and her relationships with addicts, to her own attraction to psychedelics, English has led a life that gave her… Keep Reading

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