Most Affected: Alvi Ghaznavi Helped the Community, New Jersey Objected

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Alvi Ghaznavi’s cannabis journey began in his early 20s as a patient looking to treat his Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms that had once made work impossible and life unbearable. He’d pivot from the underground to the New Jersey medical market when the state legalized its use.

Living what he called “a very wholesome, blessed life,” Ghaznavi experienced a wave of personal milestones. By 2018, he’d gotten married to Juli, having their first child, Aniq, later that year. Their home and family, including their three dogs, were taking shape. The couple often hiked and enjoyed hosting dinner parties. They also took part in the Brown Paper Bag Movement, an organization focused on supporting the homeless with food and other essentials. 

In addition to helping others, business was frequently on his mind. “He’s always been an entrepreneur,” recalled Juli Ghaznavi, noting her husband operated diverse ventures, from EMF blockers to rare minerals and crystals. 

Ghaznavi also brought his entrepreneurial spirit into the cannabis space. He moved further into the medical arena, launching a CBD company, Miracle Seed, with Juli and friend Eric. All the while, Ghaznavi continued to dabble in the illicit marketplace, receiving cannabis and selling to community members seeking medical cannabis. His love and knowledge for the plant grew; so did his desire to provide others with similar medical results. 

“I became a connoisseur, and I also wanted others to have safe, affordable access to cannabis,” he told High Times. 

On September 21, 2018, life would change when the police and a narc team from the postal office arrested Ghaznavi at home while his wife and three-week-old-son slept in the family bed. He was charged with first-degree maintaining and operating a CDS facility. Today, Ghaznavi is confined to the South Woods State Prison in New Jersey, serving a …

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Author: Andrew Ward / High Times

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