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Commemorating the Heritage of Humboldt

Picture-perfect and beautifully manicured, Huckleberry Hill Farms looks like a demonstration garden at a state fair with one major exception: Huckleberry stands as a quintessential plant exhibit for cannabis, one of Northern California’s most famed and feared agricultural crops. When I arrive at the farm about a month away from harvest in the late summer,… Keep Reading

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World-Class Hash

Few names carried the hype of Royal Key Organics entering the era of legal cannabis, and the snowball looks ready to keep rolling ahead of the brand’s relaunch later this year. While we’ll get to all the heat in general, the basis for Royal Key and any great hash company is the quality of the… Keep Reading

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‘Lady Buds’ Cannabis Documentary Inspires Two New Projects

Lady Buds is a 2021 film that looks deep into the lives of six diverse women in the cannabis industry, and the victories and challenges they have endured as entrepreneurs and members of the community. On February 23, it was announced on Deadline that Lady Buds’ success has inspired two more film projects. The first… Keep Reading

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