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President Biden Announces Federal Government Will Reschedule Cannabis in ‘Monumental’ Announcement

President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will officially reschedule cannabis, moving it from Schedule I, reserved for dangerous drugs with no medical value, to Schedule III. The news follows the historic announcement on April 30, that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will move to reclassify cannabis under Schedule III, the… Keep Reading

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Some NY Lawmakers Say Illicit Pot Shops Must Close Before Adding Licensed Shops

After officially legalizing cannabis for adult use in New York, the journey that followed has been fairly tumultuous as multiple roadblocks have delayed shop licensure and hindered the legal industry’s full potential. A number of lawsuits and a change in gubernatorial leadership delayed dispensary licensure and openings, in turn allowing the illicit market to flourish… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: Love, Sex, Magick

We’re officially in it. It’s October: the season of the witch is upon us and we’re finally able to sit outside, smoke some cannabis and live our best spooky autumn lives without feeling like we’re going to turn into a puddle of sweat. It’s Libra season, the air sign represented by the glyph of the… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: How to Take A High Vibe Tolerance Break

As we officially enter Autumn on September 23rd, we’re led into our shadows, into our subconscious, and deeper into the darkness that the season brings. This is when we give thanks to all the abundance that we’ve cultivated since spring, as well as observe the patterns, habits and attitudes that are serving us; and those… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: How to Have a Hot, Stoned, Spiritual Summer

Although summer doesn’t officially end until the Fall Equinox on September 21st, one could argue that energetically it ends as soon as Leo season ends on August 23rd. This is when we enter earth sign Virgo season, when we enter “back to school season,” also known as Pumpkin Spice season and autumn. In this way,… Keep Reading

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