New York Cannabis Agency Announces Cultivation Rules, License Updates

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The New York Cannabis Control Board (CCB) has officially approved rules that allow adults over 21 to cultivate cannabis at home, as of June 11. Now adults can care for a maximum of six plants, with three immature plants and three mature. Residences with more than one adult can have up to 12 plants (six immature and six mature).

Additionally, new rules take place for possession in regard to a person’s crops. “You can have up to five (5) pounds of trimmed cannabis and the equivalent weight in concentrates in or on the grounds of their private residence,” the Office of Cannabis Management wrote in its law breakdown. “Individuals can carry and transport up to three (3) ounces of cannabis and 24 grams of concentrates within the state.”

Cannabis can be grown anywhere that a person owns or rents such as a “room, home, apartment, mobile home, co-op, or other residential spaces.” Landlords cannot refuse to rent a space to a person, or penalize a tenant, unless they are at risk of losing federal funding or benefits.

The rules also cover how residents can legally obtain cannabis plants. Seeds will now be available at commercial retailers, but immature plants can also be purchased by numerous licensed cannabis businesses as well.

The OCM warned of the responsibilities of the grower, specifically when it comes to processing their flower into other cannabis products. “If you’re making at home products with cannabis, like tinctures or butters, the use of flammable materials is prohibited because they are not safe for home use,” the OCM stated. “Consider alternative extraction methods such as heat, water or fermentation.”

The OCM also mentioned the need to reduce cannabis odors. “You must take reasonable measures to prevent cannabis odor from becoming a nuisance to neighboring residents such as co-planting items like lavender in …

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Author: Nicole Potter / High Times

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