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Cannabis and the Second Amendment: A Word of Warning

The ATF released clarification on May 30 to firearm owners after the passage of cannabis legalization in Minnesota, reminding them that until federal law changes, they no longer have a right to own or possess guns or ammunition, that is if they partake in smoking, eating, or vaping the newly legalized, devil’s lettuce. Please see:… Keep Reading

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Lady Buds Invites Lawmakers to Learn and Discuss Legalization

Lady Buds follows the stories of six woman cannabis business owners transitioning from California’s medical cannabis law (Proposition 215) to the recreational cannabis industry (Proposition 64) back in 2018, when that overwhelming change was first taking place. The film spotlights Sue Taylor, Chiah Rodriques, Felicia Carbajal, Karyn Wagner, and The Bud Sisters (Pearl Moon and… Keep Reading

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