Cannabis and the Second Amendment: A Word of Warning

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The ATF released clarification on May 30 to firearm owners after the passage of cannabis legalization in Minnesota, reminding them that until federal law changes, they no longer have a right to own or possess guns or ammunition, that is if they partake in smoking, eating, or vaping the newly legalized, devil’s lettuce.

Please see: ATF Provides Clarification Related to New Minnesota Marijuana Law.

If you were to ask a convicted felon if they have a legal right to possess a firearm, they would say no. They know this because they were informed by the court that because they were convicted of a felony, the Second Amendment no longer applies to them, and they know that if they’re caught with a firearm, or even ammunition, they face more time in prison for the illegal possession of a firearm, than for the new crime they are caught committing.

If you were to ask someone who has never been convicted of anything, but they carry a medical marijuana card or live in a state where cannabis is now legal and they like to partake occasionally, if they think that they have a right to own or possess a firearm, they would of course say yes, but they would be wrong.

I am really writing this as a public service announcement, in hopes that I don’t see more of my friends do more time in prison for gun charges, for possession of what they thought were legal guns, because it seems that the cannabis community does not understand that the federal government takes away your Second Amendment rights as soon as you pick up a joint, and it does not matter if the state you live in is legal or not, or if you are dying of cancer.

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Author: Todd McCormick / High Times

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