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Token stoner, Houseplant co-founder, and resident relatable Funny Guy of Hollywood, Seth Rogen has crafted his entire personal brand around making people laugh and being high while doing it (mostly). From a weed deal gone wrong in Pineapple Express to a bong-toting burnout in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Rogen is more often than not rolling up the sticky icky in between the wittiest of one-liners. In true life-imitates-art fashion, the burly comedian says of his proclivities: “I’m smoking all day long.”

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Man with a Plan

Naturally he’s got his favorites. As far as flower goes, he confessed to High Times, “I look for strains that are going to keep me energized and focused; usually strong sativas.” And paired with his sativas? “I drink a lot of coffee when I smoke weed, and I literally drink that coffee out of a grail, the holy grail specifically, like the cup that held Jesus’s blood.”

His affinity for coffee (co-founded coffee company Cometeer), choice drinking vessels (dabbled in ceramics and is irritatingly good at it), and casual-chic aesthetic (collaborated on an adaptive menswear line) have coalesced into his greatest role yet: in the driver’s seat of the superbly curated cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand, Houseplant. 

“We found there was a void for beautifully designed pieces for people who smoke weed and wanted to create something that people would be proud to display in their homes, similar to how alcohol-related accessories are often displayed on bar carts and around the house – why shouldn’t it be the same for weed?”

Rogen continues, “I’ve always had a passion and appreciation for design, so I wanted to explore that space and create items I would use in my everyday life to enhance my smoking experience – things that I couldn’t …

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Author: Allie Adams / High Times

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