Bill Gates Confesses to Seth Rogen He Smoked Weed in High School ‘To Be Cool’

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates shared with actor and acclaimed stoner Seth Rogen that he, too, has a history with cannabis (although we can assume Gate’s tolerance is much lower than Rogen’s). Gates appeared on an episode of Rogen’s new podcast Unconfuse Me, which was released last week. Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, talked all things cannabis with the billionaire and philanthropist, such as research barriers, cannabis potency, and Gates’ attempts to be a popular kid. 

Although considering the tech pioneer is worth $117.6 billion, it’s safe to say it was advantageous for him to embrace his true nerd form. 

Gates said that in high school, he said yass to puff puff pass, confessing that he smoked weed “to be cool.”

“It wasn’t so much smoking pot for pot’s sake as it was being part of the crowd,” Gates said. Gates elaborated, sharing that while his high school indulgence was to fit in, he’s very much on board with the changes in cannabis policy. “It’s amazing how it’s changed. You know, when I grew up, it was just kind of a rebellion thing.”

He added that the continuing division between state and federal law has “got to be resolved.”

“When it first came up in what Colorado [and] Washington State—you know, so my state was one of the first to have that—I thought, ‘wow, things really are changing,’” Gates, who was born in Seattle, said. “And the fact that you can have the federal level still have one set of rules and the state rules, there’s definitely a paradox there that got to be resolved at some point.”

The conversation shifted to edibles, which, while beloved by so many in the cannabis community, are too strong for Gates’ …

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Author: Sophie Saint Thomas / High Times

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