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Opening up jars of Moon Valley Cannabis is almost sickening. The aroma coming off of these buds is so strong it’s hard to take them in all at once. I’m gagging on pure terpenes after trying to sniff a few cultivars in the Moon Valley line-up: Modified Grape, Unicorn Runtz, Watermelon Zonkers, and their first in-house breeding creation, Neon Panther; they all smell incredibly intense. The experience is like walking into a smoothie bar, buying citrus at the farmers’ market, or spending a few hours inside a dimly lit tiki lounge. Cannabis growers have long searched for the best cultivation methods to grow the most aromatic, flavorful, and potent flowers. Now, science is showing that microscopic organisms—namely beneficial bacteria and fungi found in soil—are key players in producing cannabis with extraordinary fragrances, tastes, and effects.

Since its leap into the adult-use cannabis market in 2021, Moon Valley has made a name for itself amongst the most discerning weed smokers and racked up an impressive number of awards for its indoor soil-grown cannabis. With sustainability in mind, Moon Valley does things like using reclaimed water to make its ice water hash and rosins, but the main thing that the cannabis company uses to market itself is “living soil,” or soil that contains a dynamic living ecosystem. And the growing methodology at Moon Valley appears to be working; their flowers take the trend in sweet fruit-forward cannabis into a place so far away from the others in the pack that it’s beyond the gravitational pull of Earth. This begs the question, will we bring weed with us to space? I’d stash this pot in my cosmic go-bag.


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Dipping my nose through Moon Valley’s selections, the scents alone provide a feel-good charge similar to …

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Author: Ellen Holland / High Times

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