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Turn Up the Terpenes With Living Soil

Opening up jars of Moon Valley Cannabis is almost sickening. The aroma coming off of these buds is so strong it’s hard to take them in all at once. I’m gagging on pure terpenes after trying to sniff a few cultivars in the Moon Valley line-up: Modified Grape, Unicorn Runtz, Watermelon Zonkers, and their first… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: Working with Cannabis and Lunar Magick

While there are many misconceptions about witches, being obsessed with the moon is not one of them. Want to make a witch happy? Tell them you saw the Full Moon and thought of them. For a weed witch, the moon offers up an especially potent source of energy to connect with. While cannabis can help… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: How to Connect to and Embody the Elements

Are you ready to get wet, hot, and steamy this summer? We just experienced the transformative release of the Full Moon in Scorpio, and now we’re inching closer and closer to the peak of the year on the Summer Solstice on June 21st. Spring has sprung, and now we’re officially in Gemini season, the air… Keep Reading

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