The High Priestess: Working with Cannabis and Lunar Magick

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While there are many misconceptions about witches, being obsessed with the moon is not one of them. Want to make a witch happy? Tell them you saw the Full Moon and thought of them. For a weed witch, the moon offers up an especially potent source of energy to connect with. While cannabis can help us access new parts of our spirit and subconscious mind, it is the Moon that acts as a guardian and doorway to this connection. 

Throughout history, the Moon has represented a bridge and a mirror to the subconscious and the intuitive, all knowing forces that reside within ourselves and in the universe at large. Historically, the moon has been tied to the feminine and receptive. She’s been personified and worshiped as the Great Mother, and her stages of waxing, waning, and full are reflected in the stages of the Triple Goddess through her archetypes of maiden, mother, and crone. Throughout her 28-day cycle, the Moon grows more and more luminous, from her waxing phase up through the Full Moon, until she eventually retires her light and settles back into her darkness, from the waning moon to the New Moon. In her cycles of wax and wane, she reminds us of our own cyclical nature; of our own ability to renew, release and become reborn. Cannabis can foster access to the medicine the Moon has to offer us, by allowing us to more easily step out of our rational mind and into the liminal where ritual and magick take place. 

We can work alongside the cycles of the moon to create a more powerful ritual practice, as well as to help bring our highs to new highs by combining the effects of each moon phase with cannabis.  After all, if the moon phases affect how …

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Author: Gabriela Herstik / High Times

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