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Marc Rebillet Doesn’t Need To Practice To Make You Move That Ass

For over the past year, Marc Rebillet has been a beacon of light in a darkened pandemic world. Armed only with a beautifully eccentric persona and a small table of electronic music equipment, Marc’s live music streams and socially distanced drive-in shows helped captivate hearts, ears and genitals at a time when most people were… Keep Reading

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The Great Jamaican Patoo Trip

The World Health Organization (WHO), recently citing one of their fresh, dark-timeline COVID-19 pandemic stats, alerted the world that there’s been a shocking/not-shocking 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression in adults across the world. A number which, frankly, begins to feel light when taking into context the various ugly aspects of these increasingly… Keep Reading

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Frenchy Cannoli’s Legacy Still Aligns With the Farmers

One of the most precious things the pandemic took away from each and every one of us was our ability to gather together. This absence of community these past few years is something that feels more acute in the world of weed. After all, we’re the originators of puff, puff, pass. To truly love the… Keep Reading

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