Marc Rebillet Doesn’t Need To Practice To Make You Move That Ass

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For over the past year, Marc Rebillet has been a beacon of light in a darkened pandemic world. Armed only with a beautifully eccentric persona and a small table of electronic music equipment, Marc’s live music streams and socially distanced drive-in shows helped captivate hearts, ears and genitals at a time when most people were in their greatest need of human connection. And now, he’s returning to the main stage.

With sold out live shows booked throughout the United States this fall and an upcoming European tour kicking off in February 2022, Rebillet is pumped to deliver eargasms to a city near you.

Prior to the end of a busy summer, we were able to snag some hang time via phone with the Loop Daddy himself, discussing everything from his music origins to mushroom trips, all an attempt to understand the man behind the MIDI of one of music’s most innovative and improvised forces.

Courtesy Marc Rebillet

You started playing piano at the age of four. How were you introduced to music at such a young age?

It was pretty much exclusively my parents who forced me to take lessons. They basically set me up with a bunch of different hobbies to see what I might be interested in, trying me out on piano, acting, team sports—soccer, tennis, golf—and I’m sure a number of other things. I really gravitated towards playing the piano, though I didn’t really enjoy the practicing element. It’s something my parents luckily forced me to do, so I stuck with it.

Do you think those early years of not enjoying practicing influenced how you currently like to perform as a largely improvised show?

Oh for sure. It’s something I have to be very honest with myself about because …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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