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Ones to Watch: The Roller Economy

At the end of last year I wrote a piece for our December issue about the roller economy that was sprouting up. Titled ‘the Year of the Hash Hole’ I detailed how thanks to the Hash Hole, rolling seems to have become its own profession. Sure, there were always people rolling the prerolls to throw… Keep Reading

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Steve DeAngelo Wants to See an End to Corporate Cannabis, Support for Small Growers

Cannabis industry veteran Steve DeAngelo recently wrote an opinion piece, entitled “Topple the Pyramids,” in which he addresses the shift from medical to adult-use sales in California, and how small, legacy cannabis businesses struggle in comparison to corporate cannabis ownership. DeAngelo began his piece by looking back on the medical cannabis law in California prior… Keep Reading

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High Times Greats: Interview With Marianne Faithfull

To celebrate Marianne Faithfull’s birthday December 29, we’re republishing a piece from October, 1980 in which she sat down with interviewer Ann Bardach to discuss a new album, a fresh sense of what she’d been through, and the balls to tell it like it really was. Marianne Faithfull slouches in her hotel bed, nursing a… Keep Reading

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Flashback Friday: A History Of Pinball

Learn about the history of pinball in this High Times print piece from July, 1979. Bagatelle, a popular game in the 19th century, is the granddaddy of pinball. Bagatelle is similar to pool, in that you use a cue stick to shoot balls into scoring holes. In 1871 a game called Improvements in Bagatelle was… Keep Reading

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