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California Psychedelics Legalization Advocates Push for 2026 Ballot Initiative

Psychedelics policy reform advocates in California are calling for a ballot initiative to legalize certain drugs including psilocybin and MDMA after legislative attempts at change failed to cross the finish line two years in a row. Last year, California lawmakers approved a bill from Democratic state Senator Scott Wiener that would have allowed regulated access… Keep Reading

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Marital Status Uniquely Affects Psychedelic Experiences, Study Shows

As it turns out, your marital status could affect the extent to which psychedelics can lower your stress levels. And it appears that single folk may experience the greatest benefit of psychedelics.  An analysis of data from the National Survey of Drug Use and Health revealed that individuals who had used psychedelics at least once… Keep Reading

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Poll: Majority of U.S. Adults Report Positive Cannabis, Psychedelic Drug Experiences

As cannabis and psychedelics continue to experience a modern-day renaissance, with increased education and access to information surrounding their use and benefits, we’re collectively crafting new narratives after decades of inflammatory propaganda surrounding these substances. Tired messaging of the past has suggested that cannabis and psychedelic use were one-way tickets to unpleasant and traumatic experiences,… Keep Reading

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I Didn’t Think Microdosing Worked, But This Month Has Me Thinking…

Microdosing is the often inexact practice of consuming small doses of psychedelics, notably psilocybin and LSD. While some measure 0.1 and 0.3 mg quantities, many eyeball it with an estimated pinch into their mouths or beverages.  The microdosing trend kicked off around 2010, with its popularity surging by 2015, leading to notable publications running with… Keep Reading

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Normalizing Psychedelics: An Interview with Matthew X. Lowe

Over the past few years, psychedelics are finally becoming more normalized, but for the most part, that just means psilocybin. LSD is still considered, even by many who are interested in the world of mushrooms and cannabis, to be a taboo substance. Unlimited Sciences and Matthew X. Lowe would love to change that. We chatted… Keep Reading

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High-Class Consumption in the Mile High City

Early on, I realized I was not really a “going out” person. While I appreciate cannabis and psychedelics, as well as a good show or event, the idea of hanging around and being social for the hell of it just because alcohol consumption is involved has never been my cup of tea.  Like most Americans,… Keep Reading

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