I Didn’t Think Microdosing Worked, But This Month Has Me Thinking…

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Microdosing is the often inexact practice of consuming small doses of psychedelics, notably psilocybin and LSD. While some measure 0.1 and 0.3 mg quantities, many eyeball it with an estimated pinch into their mouths or beverages. 

The microdosing trend kicked off around 2010, with its popularity surging by 2015, leading to notable publications running with the claims made by diverse demographics, including psychedelics researchers, business leaders and stressed moms. The reported effects differed from person to person, but overall, positive reports often centered around decreased mental stress, increased happiness, improved focus, expanded creative energy, and other mental health and cognition effects.

By 2018, the trend had picked up enough momentum that the first-ever lab trial analyzing microdosed LSD began. Since then, lab studies and analysis have come in quite steadily. Researchers have recorded slight psychological changes in some studies when consuming psychedelics in microdose form. Some short-term improvements include decreased levels of depression, stress and mind wandering. However, the reported outcomes did not align with those participants expected to see change.

Many studies in recent years have concluded that microdosing does not demonstrate an overwhelmingly positive impact on areas such as introvertive awareness or emotion processing. Even notable medical cannabis and psychedelics researchers like Dr. Peter Grinspoon have stated that microdosing psychedelics has yet to provide any definitive evidence that it is either safe or effective.

Still, despite the clinical evidence suggesting otherwise, numerous consumers have provided anecdotal feedback that microdosing has benefited them–some in a life-changing fashion. 

My Mushroom Experience

I’m no psychedelics expert. Nor am I a complete novice. I’ve done macro doses of psychedelics probably around a dozen times between ages 21 and 38. Most of the doses have been with psilocybin and two with LSD. I also tried microdosing a handful of times several years ago. Mainly based on my …

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