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New Hampshire Senate Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill

Medical cannabis is legal in New Hampshire, but recreational use has only been decriminalized, not legalized. However, the New Hampshire Senate recently approved of a cannabis legalized bill in a 14-9 vote on May 16, and it’s the farthest that any cannabis legalization bill has reached to date. If passed into law, House Bill 1633-FN-A… Keep Reading

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No Increase in DUI Among Young Adults After Pot Legalization in Washington

Newly published research indicates that recreational cannabis legalization in Washington did not result in a spike in impaired driving among younger demographics. The research, published last month in the journal Prevention Science, was based on data collected in the five years following legalization. “Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for young adults… Keep Reading

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From Prison to the Legal Cannabis Industry: Conbud Creates Opportunities for the Formerly Incarcerated

When New York state lawmakers legalized recreational pot last year, they were intent on including measures that would ensure those negatively impacted by the War on Drugs and members of underserved communities would have a path into the emerging legal cannabis industry. Under these so-called social equity provisions, half of all licenses for marijuana businesses… Keep Reading

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Las Vegas Gets Ready To Become The Next Travel Destination For Cannabis-Lovers

When Nevada first legalized recreational cannabis in 2017, it seemed liked Las Vegas was immediately poised to welcome an influx of weed-loving tourists. A museum opened, a number of cannabis-fueled classes began to crop up, and a series of marijuana-themed tours took root. However, public consumption has hit a legal roadblock, with recent Nevada legislation… Keep Reading

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What’s in Your Stash? Charles McElroy, Founder of Goldleaf

Is there a Patient Journal in your stash? Perhaps a Recreational Tasting Journal – something to keep track of the many wonderful cultivars and products you sample? How about a record to help you keep track of your daily cannabis protocols? Or, how about a Grow Planner for tracking the phases of your grow cycle;… Keep Reading

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