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A Cultural Love Story

For Alessandro Zecca and Danielle Duran-Zecca, a husband-and-wife team of culinary dynamos, the concept of romance language takes on many forms. It’s in their signature cuisine, “Mexitalian,” which merges Zecca’s Italian heritage with Danielle’s upbringing in Los Angeles as the child of Guadalajaran immigrants. It’s in their buzzy new LA restaurant, Amiga Amore, which serves… Keep Reading

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4 Joints, 1 Lover, 6 Tunes: Songs for High Love

For those of you who forgot in your blunt induced haze, Valentine’s day is happening this month. And while a true stoner couple tends to block out the romantic traditions in favor of ganja induced comas, we’ve got a better plan. Our 416 series this week looks at 4 joints, 1 lover, and 6 tunes.… Keep Reading

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