4 Joints, 1 Lover, 6 Tunes: Songs for High Love

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For those of you who forgot in your blunt induced haze, Valentine’s day is happening this month. And while a true stoner couple tends to block out the romantic traditions in favor of ganja induced comas, we’ve got a better plan.

Our 416 series this week looks at 4 joints, 1 lover, and 6 tunes. The perfect Valentine’s day plan for any true stoned team.

The 4 Joints (With Recommendations)

Ok, your four joints need to be specially curated. Start with a nice sativa (Durban Poison) pinner. Get giggly with your man or lady (or one of each if that floats your boat).

After the conversation is flowing a bit, and you hopefully haven’t forgotten to order or start cooking some food, a second sativa J (Super Silver Haze or God’s Green Crack), slightly bigger, to make sure your high stays on point.

Now, food is here, laughs are going around, romance is buzzing in the back of your brain, time to whip out a sativa heavy hybrid (Blue Dream, or a Gorilla Glue depending on your tolerance). The indica in a hybrid blunt will amp up the feel of those light arm caresses, while the sativa side will keep your cerebellum buzzing.

Don’t be selfish. Get all the benefits from high sensitivity by giving your loved one a nice soft massage (You might want to pick up a little THC infused orgasm oil as well).

Make sure you have a good a heavy indica (Skywalker OG) pre-rolled for… after. If you know what I’m saying. Puff away as you lay naked in each other’s arms, munching on left-over pizza, watching “Love Actually” (literally the best romantic movie ever). 

The 1 Lover

Yeah, not much we can do to help you out with this. Pick someone cool who loves to blaze and you’re set. And if you don’t have anyone, call up a friend. Who knows, maybe they’re down for some adult fun.

The 6 Tunes

Ok, on to the perfect tune selection for those of you planning, or attempting to, get lucky. These tunes are curated to meet specific vibes as the night progresses. And, while six songs aren’t enough (we hope) for the whole night, these tunes build a mood to curate the rest of your playlist around.

Songs have also been chosen with the romantic stoner in mind. As in, classic romantic with a weird twist for those who like to get full high vibes of your songs.

Drawing Board By George Ezra: The first line is “I’ll fill your pillow case up with snakes”. So, it has that weird stoner tune vibe. But this upbeat, folksy, dancey tune is perfect for a romantic sativa pinner. Get’s you feeling happy and light as you cook, or browse uber eats together.

Hold on, I’m Coming by Sam & Dave: Keep those spirits up with this good ol’ dance classic. We highly recommend getting down to your underwear and dancing around, free spirited, as you take interludes to roll that second J.

It Rains Love by Lee Fields & The Expressions: Still upbeat but getting a little on the slower side. Now that food is ready, chill out with this slow tune, and puff away. This song is great for a little high conversation and connection. Slow dance in the leaving room naked kind of music. Added bonus: the song kind of sounds like “it rains blood” when he sings. Nice for a little high trip out.

Coins in a Fountain by Passenger: Slow it down a bit. This tune is ready for the third joint. It’s got some reflective and amazing lyrics, with a catchy instrumental vibe. Nice for caressing your partner and getting close.

Time by Kallitechnis: Ok, I don’t need to describe the activity this tune complements, but the heavy and chill R&B vibes are still very much stoner approved. Deep and groovy, this song is perfect for some high lovin’.

Cigarettes by Tash Sultana: Because nothing ends the night better then a smoke and ocean flow vibes, this tune is perfect for that final joint of the night. Deep drags, long smoke puffs, and a soul vacation. The wild riff near the end is the perfect finish to the perfect night.

Bonus Tunes:

Doubt by Samm Henshaw: Other than the velvety smooth voice and skin caressing music, there isn’t much romantic about this song. But damn, does it ever fit the vibe of a sexy night. And the video is off the chain.

WTP by Teyana Taylor: This tune is for the kinky stoners in the group. The first three words will fill you in, but get out the ol’ whips and handcuffs to accompany this vibe. As we said, what ever floats your boat, but definitely stick with the sativa all night if this is your thing.

Alright my Cannies, enjoy your romance and weed. And if you’re home alone this V-day, stick to the same J routine listed above, grab some amigos, and get your stone on.

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