Chris Webby Talks About Hillary Clinton and His Long Love Affair With Weed

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If you’ve never listened to Chris Webby’s music–you should. In a world where the hip-hop arena is dominated by trappers and mumble rappers with tattoos on their faces and little substance to their lyrics, Webby’s well-rounded bars shine like a beacon in the dark.
Webby became a viral star last year after dropping an amazing freestyle over Dr. Dre’s “What’s The Difference” during an interview with Sway Calloway on SiriusXM. He killed it, dissing “new school” MCs and slaying crooked policy-makers:
Remember the name, C-Web, I spit sickly,I got my competition breathing hard as Chris Christie.
Beyond free-styling, Webby is a great writer. A good intro to his music can be found in his “Raw Thoughts” series, a rap trilogy where he lists all the people he does not like and explains his reasons. In the first song of this trilogy, Webby puts “scummy politicians”—as he calls them—to shame.
It’s hard not to crack up over his slick burns, as he calls the former anti-weed Attorney General Jeff Sessions an “old Smurf,” promising to “light up a doobie” on his “turf.”
As one explores Webby’s music, it’s obvious this guy is all about weed. His albums Homegrown, The Checkup, and Wednesday all feature marijuana leaves on the cover art. Webby also recorded a few odes to pot, with his recent song “Sativa” featuring famous stoner B-Real of Cypress Hill:
This sh*t is sublime.Hit it and lift up your mind.The most specific of kinds,Particular strains I’m smoking during daytimeGot me feeling high and energetic at the same damn time.
Feeling the urge to talk weed with this verbose, pot-loving rapper, High Times hit up Webby to meet up.
Webby’s Love of Weed
Webby …

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Author: Javier Hasse / High Times

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