OCRC Looks For Pot Courier: Worst Job For Stoners

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The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) is looking to hire a courier to make same-day pot deliveries. Companies are already bidding on the contract (worth and estimated $450,000), which is supposed to take effect March, 1st.

But, for all you stoners out there who think this is the perfect job, stop right there! This would be the absolute worst job for a habitual weed smoker. This is the “friend zone” of jobs for those who love to toke. Allow me to explain.

Much like the friend zone, you will be forced to spend ample amounts of time with something you are not allowed to fully enjoy. While you can look at the weed, and enjoy time with the weed, at the end of the day you’ll still be dropping it off at someone else’s house. That weed is not for you. Someone else loves it, and has already claimed it.

Let’s also add the fact that the delivery service is same-day. Even if it is just in the GTA for now, that is still a lot of driving around with a deadline constantly looming. Weed sales are huge, and same-day delivery is going to increase the demand exponentially. And given the fact that the government is probably going to hire the lowest bidder, there will be too many deliveries with too few staff.

Don’t even think about saying you’ll smoke a blunt and chill on the drive either. Driving well high is a big no-no, and you can be sure the company will be checking for red-eyes and giggles. Smelling that fine weed all day, for eight hours or more, but no chance to have a taste. You wouldn’t walk into a bakery when you’re hungry and know you can’t eat. So why drive around with a truck full of untouchable ganja?

So for all you stoners out there who saw the news today and thought it would be fun to drive around delivering weed, don’t do it! Because the only thing worse than the friend zone is the no puff zone.

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