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416 Hits Bar Stray For the City’s Best Cocktail Experience

Editor’s Note: Last night 416 was hosted by Bar Stray for an amazing night. While this article is not about last night, it’s still about the overall awesomeness that is Bar Stray. Thanks Jillian, for making Bar Stray the #1 place for real cocktails! Bar Stray finds a way to combine upscale artsy with classic… Keep Reading

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OCRC Looks For Pot Courier: Worst Job For Stoners

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) is looking to hire a courier to make same-day pot deliveries. Companies are already bidding on the contract (worth and estimated $450,000), which is supposed to take effect March, 1st. But, for all you stoners out there who think this is the perfect job, stop right there! This would… Keep Reading

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