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Arizona’s Social Equity Program Isn’t Living Up to the Hype

According to Arizona social equity applicants and community members, the state’s cannabis program isn’t operating as intended. The passage of Proposition 207 in 2020 legalized adult-use cannabis, and part of the law required that social equity applicants meet specific criteria. This included having annual income 400% less than federal poverty level, having a cannabis-related conviction… Keep Reading

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Cannabis Social Equity: Struggles, Success

As we celebrate Black History Month this February, the ever-crucial issue of social equity—programs promoting equitable ownership among marginalized groups—within the legal cannabis industry has taken on an even greater significance, as the wheels of economic justice still too often turn against those who need it the most.  For example, last year, the Illinois CPA… Keep Reading

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Tiny Homes in Europe Created With Corrugated Hemp Sheets

A social enterprise non-profit called Common Knowledge based out of Ireland, along with an England-based hemp farm called Margent Farm, are teaming up to create tiny homes made from hemp. Referred to as Tigín Tiny Homes, each building was crafted with three goals in mind: “sustainable, affordable, and consciously designed.” A single home covers 20… Keep Reading

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AAPI Appreciation in the World of Weed: Movers and Shakers

Race is a topic that comes up a lot in cannabis, as social equity and the War on Drugs is discussed, but APPI folks are often left out of the conversation completely. Due to the harmful and racist “model minority” myth that Asians have to be model citizens, it is often assumed that they won’t… Keep Reading

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Keith Haring Remembered in Glass Art Collection

Social activism was built into the art of Keith Haring—one of the most widely recognized modern artists of our time. From promoting AIDS awareness to being vocally against apartheid and other issues, Haring’s art nearly always carried a message. Haring rose from “street art”—courteously drawing with chalk instead of paint on New York subway cars,… Keep Reading

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Meet The Parent Company’s Social Equity Corporate Venture Josephine & Billie’s

Josephine & Billie’s is celebrating its grand opening as the first social equity investment of The Parent Company by embracing minority brands and creating a retail store that welcomes all demographics. On October 28, The Parent Company’s first social equity corporate venture fund investment, Josephine & Billie’s, announced it will be opening its doors to… Keep Reading

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