Weed Event Survival Guide for Pot-Loving Introverts and the Socially Anxious

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In the weed world, where unity is often celebrated, introverts—those drained by social gatherings with a need to recharge on their own—may often feel overlooked. Depending on your source, anywhere from 16% to over 56% of the population may be an introvert. Yet, why does it feel like 100% of weed events are geared toward extroverts? Are there events catered to both types of people? Are there any events made specifically for introverted people? 

What is an Introvert?

Introversion is a personality trait where individuals find solitude recharging and prefer deep, meaningful social interactions over extensive, surface-level engagement. Sometimes, they prefer solo activities over group settings. Introverts come in various types. Dr. Jonathan Cheek’s STAR model categorizes introverts into four categories:

Social Introvert: Prefers small, intimate events. Values alone time. Offers a calming presence in social situations.

Thinking Introvert: Quiet but profound. Tendency for getting lost in thought. Prioritizes creativity and ideas over social interaction.

Anxious Introvert: Often uncomfortable in large groups. Helps behind the scenes. Often utilizes strategies to manage social anxiety.

Restrained Introvert: Guarded but open up. Provides a level-headed and grounding influence in social settings.

Introverts can fall into multiple or all four groups. Introversion is often mistaken for social anxiety, yet the two are distinguishable. 

Unlike introversion, social anxiety disorder is a mental health condition exemplified by a severe fear of social situations, often leading to physical symptoms, including sweating and rapid heartbeat, and behavioral signs, such as avoiding social gatherings. A fear of rejection of some kind is often the root cause of the issue. 

With the two conditions often confusing, consider taking the MHA’s anxiety screen and/or speaking to a trusted medical professional if you think you have social anxiety disorder. 

Introvert and Social Anxiety Survival Tips

Introverts and social anxiety sufferers …

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