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Higher Profile: Allison Margolin, Esq.

California cannabis defense attorney, Allison Margolin, was no stranger to the plight of the California cannabis farmer, healer, or patient, when she decided to follow in her father Bruce Margolin’s footsteps, defending victims of the failed War on Drugs in California. Her father jumped right into defending those caught up in the drug war right… Keep Reading

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Christina P Knows the Secret to Dirty Humor

Comedian Christina Pazsitzky—known professionally as Christina P—is no stranger to the time management game. When we connect by phone, she’s juggling her obligations to her husband (fellow comedian, Tom Segura), her kids, the dogs, and her career—all of which require time, energy, and attention. Desiring some “mom” time, her son interrupts the beginning of the… Keep Reading

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Kontusion on Metal, Hardcore, and Tripping in the Woods

New, old-school band Kontusion is no stranger to the scene. Guitarist/vocalist Mark Bronzino is an underground, hardcore-punk pioneer from New Jersey who played in a slew of bigger metal bands—Mammoth Grinder and Iron Reagan, just to name a couple. He’s even collaborated with underground hip-hop weirdo Ghostemane. In the early pandemic days of 2020, he… Keep Reading

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