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Comedian Christina Pazsitzky—known professionally as Christina P—is no stranger to the time management game. When we connect by phone, she’s juggling her obligations to her husband (fellow comedian, Tom Segura), her kids, the dogs, and her career—all of which require time, energy, and attention. Desiring some “mom” time, her son interrupts the beginning of the conversation, and Pazsitzky politely explains, “I have to do this interview. I’ll come talk to you, give me a half an hour.”

The interaction is just one example of how the co-host of the hugely successful podcast Your Mom’s House—which she hosts with Segura—is able to wear many hats and handle a variety of different responsibilities, all which can be managed with time. “Everything is planned, everything is on schedule, and you give everything time. You give marriage time. You give your children time, you give [your career] time. And then you give yourself time.”

With her new Netflix one-hour special Mom Genes which released on May 8, Pazsitzky is particularly enthused to be speaking with High Times—having grown up in Los Angeles, where the magazine played a huge role developing San Fernando Valley culture. Over the course of our conversation, Pazsitzky reveals her strategies for maintaining balance between work and home life, her back-in-the-day affinity for White Widow, and why true happiness is linked to not giving a fuck and carving your own path.

Christina Pazsitzky: Can I just say for the record how stoked I am to be giving an interview to High Times? One of the first boys I was obsessed with in high school had an issue of High Times in his room and I thought he was the absolute coolest. He also had a VHS tape of Howard Stern’s Butt Bongo …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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