From the Archives: My Father Wilhelm Reich vs. the U.F.O.s (1976)

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By Peter Reich

In 1954, three years before his death in a federal penitentiary, Wilhelm Reich led a research expedition to the Southwest to further the study of Orgone Energy. Already he had invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator for treatment of body energy fields. Now he wanted to experiment with the Earth’s energy field….

Half a deer walked up to my house and rattled at the door. When I didn’t answer, the deer went away and I watched him turn into a whole deer. He walked away into trees where the wind was watery voices of people I did not know.

Strange watery voices were all I could hear. I could not see because I was my eyes, my eyes were crying so hard because I was so afraid.

In the voices they were talking about the deer. I went out of the house when the deer was gone. The lawn was soggy long grass that lay in thick strands like washed hair. I was surprised that the lake had climbed the hill to the cabin. The water, rising up the hill, was cloudy and bright yellow as if the sun were caught beneath it.

As I ranged up and down the shores of the swollen lake I saw a man’s feet floating beneath the surface. The bottoms of his feet were near the surface and sometimes small waves broke over them. The rest of the man disappeared beneath the water.

When I opened my eyes, doctors and nurses were moving around me talking in a strange language. A white sheet was over me. Oh, Jesus Christ, I’ve been in a dream and suddenly I’m waking up in a strange place. I don’t know who I am or where I am or what is happening. …

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