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Norah Jones Moves With the Flow

Throughout the Grammy-winner’s career, the genre-bending artist has collaborated with a long list of talent. Now, she’s enjoying intimate conversations with those musicians, not to mention playing songs with them during their talks. Now, the question is, how much of an introduction does Norah Jones need? She broke out with one of the highest selling albums… Keep Reading

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Embrace Sustainability, Regeneration, and Cannabis at 420PPM

There are plenty of 4/20 events going down this week and throughout the rest of April, but not many are addressing the cannabis industry holiday and ongoing the climate crisis like 420PPM. On April 20, the 420PPM event will be held in Venice, California. PPM stands for parts per million, and during the month of… Keep Reading

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Highest Intent Founder Brendon Wilder Left Religion and Found Cannabis

Countless people practice religion throughout the world, and it holds sway over their beliefs and even their livelihoods. Some find religious beliefs to be an essential way to find meaning outside of the self or to understand their role or destiny in the world. For Brendon Wilder and his wife, owners of new Oklahoma-based cannabis… Keep Reading

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