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Psilocybin Common Denominator in Several Recent Albums

Psilocybin mushrooms are the inspiration or vibe of a handful of highly-anticipated albums and music projects that are recently released or slated to drop within the next few months. As psychedelic decriminalization continues to unfold at the state level, artists are getting more comfortable with talking about their psilocybin experiences. Björk, Ellie Goulding, Kid Cudi,… Keep Reading

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Brand Spotlight: Gift of Doja

Gift of Doja (GoD) is a women-of-color-created cannabis equity brand—specializing in honoring the vibe of “all beings and all things.” GoD’s terpene-rich phenotypes can be found at many dispensaries throughout greater San Francisco and Los Angeles, or via various delivery services in the Bay Area. GoD Curator Nina Parks enjoys being a steward of sacred… Keep Reading

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This 420, We Need To Be Listening To Green Corridos

Legado 7’s lead singer Alex Guerra noticed that the vibe at his band’s concerts changed as their subgenre of Mexican regional music, the stoner-friendly corridos verdes, began to rise in popularity. “It used to be all about the alcohol,” he remembers. “But instead of drinking, people started bringing marijuana, smoking in front of the stage.… Keep Reading

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