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Gift of Doja (GoD) is a women-of-color-created cannabis equity brand—specializing in honoring the vibe of “all beings and all things.” GoD’s terpene-rich phenotypes can be found at many dispensaries throughout greater San Francisco and Los Angeles, or via various delivery services in the Bay Area. GoD Curator Nina Parks enjoys being a steward of sacred plant medicines and the Divine Feminine—for her, it’s a calling.

GoD curates small-batch cannabis grown by farmers from across California who choose to cultivate under processes using love and intention. You can find strains such as HER-lato, grown by Growing Tree Farms in Grass Valley, or Michelle Obama Kush, grown by a woman-owned cultivation site in Salinas Valley.

The brand came together in 2020, when Parks was inspired to start a business in spite of the odds. Shelter-in-place orders were still in effect then, but it provided a unique window of opportunity for some people, such as in Parks’ case. “[I] just happened to know one day,” Parks told High Times. “I woke up now, and I had a vision.”

Parks’ journey in the cannabis space began as she rolled out her brother’s brand, Mirage Medicinal. “Well, first off, my birthday is 4/20,” she said. “I was just kind of born for this shit, right? It actually started making a lot of sense too when people are like ‘you’re stoned all the time.’”

When people constantly asked Parks about her birthday, joining the cannabis industry just seemed to make sense.

Parks grew up deeply embedded in the world of street art—being exposed to art and streetwear while she was riding the bus throughout San Francisco. One of the things she likes most about living in a city like San Francisco is that you get to observe the ebb-and-flow of the …

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