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Proper Doinks: The Art of the Roll

To discover the optimal way to smoke the world’s best weed, the team of iron lungs behind Proper Doinks worked their way backward. After rolling up the same selections side-by-side, the cannabis wasn’t always revealing its best expression. To uncover why they broke down the smoking process step-by-step. Embedded in the California cannabis scene, Adam… Keep Reading

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High Times Greats: Howard Marks

Howard Marks: the world’s most famous hash smuggler, and a man supposedly connected with MI6, the IRA, the Mafia and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Read More Author: High Times / High Times Keep Reading

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Flashback Friday: Majoon, Goblet Of Dreams

For this edition of Flashback Friday, we’re bringing you Ira Cohen’s tribute to one of the Islamic world’s most popular delicacies—originally published in the September, 1983 edition of High Times. Majoon, majoun, ma’jun… how soft the word is, how full of magic and jinn, how dark to the imagination! Majoon is the Arabic word for… Keep Reading

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