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A version of this post originally appeared in the April, 2019 print issue of High Times. Subscribe here!

Here are 19 excellent weed Instagram accounts we recommend you follow. You’ll find something for everyone on this list, from gorgeous marijuana photography and epic extract videos to hilarious pot memes and trippy art. Follow these accounts before they get deleted!

View this post on Instagram How long have you been a Follower of my page? How did you Find out about Me? Where are you From? What’s your DOB and Social?Tropicana Cookies Trichomes from @highlifefarmsmi A post shared by Chewberto420 (@chewberto420) on May 13, 2019 at 9:00am PDT@chewberto420There’s nothing quite like some good old-fashioned pot porn. When we feel the need to appreciate our favorite plant’s beauty, we turn to @chewberto420. The photography featured here is the gold standard for pot pics. Chewberto’s impeccable skill shines through as he captures the beauty of cannabis in expertly shot still lifes. You’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time for a deep dive on this account.

View this post on Instagram @wasslaw @wasslaw Little Brother of Pot Brothers at Law wishing you a Safe Saturday Sesh. Photographer: Joe Bryant – @joebryantnyla Creative Director: Karly Hawkins @karlyhawkinsphotographer Makeup/ Hair/ Wardrobe: @katlieberkind#STFUnation #stayeducatedandmedicated #shutthefuckup ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL TO LAW ENFORCEMENT 855 WASSLAW 855 WASSLAW CATCH US ON @CANNABISTALK101 every Wed and Sun at 6pm PST @wasslaw @wasslawdog @joegrande52 @1christopherwright @cannabistalk101 (855) WASSLAW (855) WASSLAW  FOR CONSULTATIONS REMEMBER THE SCRIPT (25 WORDS) ~ The Script ~ “WHY DID YOU PULL ME OVER?” “I’M NOT DISCUSSING MY DAY” “AM I BEING DETAINED OR AM I FREE TO GO®?” If detained you say, “I INVOKE THE 5TH!” Then you SHUT THE FUCK UP© 2015 Craig & Marc Wasserman all rights reserved #INVOKETHE5TH then #STFU FOLLOW OUR PERSONAL IG …

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