The Delic, The “First Psychedelic Wellness Corporation”, Is The New Coolest Thing

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Cannabis executive Jackee Stang is a proselytizer of what she calls “the new psychedelic renaissance”. She seems mildly surprised when asked to explain what that is. 

“Wow — well, I live in California, so on the West Coast we might be a little biased,” she allows. But then she starts to reel off a list of recent developments in mind-expansion. Denver and Oakland have passed decriminalization policies. Activists are pushing significant ballot measures to legalize the drugs in Oregon and California. Johns Hopkins University announced in September that it was opening a $17 million Center for Psychedelics and Consciousness Research, potentially the world’s largest facility of its kind. Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind. Features on micro-dosing in the New York Times. MAPS taking MDMA studies to stage three, FDA-approved trials. 

She’s right — the ancient drugs’ role in society has undergone some major shifts of late. All this, plus the proliferation of conferences geared towards psychedelic scientists and LGBTQ psychedelics users that have popped up over the last few years, as well as groups dedicated to promoting their use among people of color. 

Stang is also aware of the fact that one in five US residents have some sort of mental condition. “Perhaps, it’s the perfect time for there to be a psychedelic renaissance,” she concludes.

The entrepreneur’s own strategy for spreading psychedelics awareness seems apt for a person of her business background. She founded The Delic in 2018 as what she calls “the first psychedelic wellness corporation”. The project has birthed a psychedelic culture and health site called, which is for the moment an ad-free site devoted to “DMT, to an adaptogen guide, to how to meditate,” says Stand. “It’s a library of consciousness, so to speak.” At the time this article …

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Author: Caitlin Donohue / High Times

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