The High Priestess: Creating a Green Altar for the Virgo Full Moon

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Editors Note: High Times is thrilled to present our newest bi-weekly column The High Priestess. Written by author and practitioner of magick, Gabriela Herstik, this column will explore the relationship and intersections of cannabis, witchcraft, sex, wellness, and everything in between. At High Times, we strive to keep our minds and our hearts open while centering and uplifting those whose views and practices have traditionally been denied a platform and excluded from the discussion. After all, what is the cannabis space if not inclusive? 
Hello dear stoners,

We’re back with the latest installment of The High Priestess, and guess what? It’s gonna be magical AF! If you were here with me in my first installment of this series, then you know that I dared you to be more intentional with your cannabis consumption and to be grateful for the plant in however you chose to work with it. If you took on this challenge and felt a shift, please let me know! Tweet me and tell me– I would love to hear your thoughts! I took on this challenge during the week as well and learned that taking three hits is the perfect amount for me to feel open and a little stoned without feeling like I’m on another planet (which, let’s be real, sometimes I enjoy.)
This week I have another way you can incorporate weed into your magical practice, if you’re so inclined. We’re going to be creating a green altar–in honor of weed, money, and healing—to correspond with the Virgo Full Moon on Feb. 19. I know there’s a lot going on in that statement, so let’s break it down:
Alexandra Herstik
An altar is an energetic focal point of a space dedicated to an intention. You can …

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Author: Gabriela Herstik / High Times

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