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You may have mastered the art of growing pot but how about growing psilocybin mushrooms? Welcome to Psilocybin: An Easy Guide to Growing and Experiencing the Potential of Magic Mushrooms explores how to grow mushrooms and trip with the best setting and intentions.

Written by Seth Warner, this book provides the basics for delving into the psychedelic world of mushrooms, with a foreword written by renowned psychedelic pioneer Dennis McKenna.

The book provides information on dosage, sourcing spores, psychedelic safety, and all the tools and instructions needed to successfully grow potent magic mushrooms at home. It also includes a brief overview of the individuals in history who have inspired Warner—notably Maria Sabina, as well as Terence and Dennis McKenna. Welcome to Psilocybin also covers the internet age of psilocybin including pioneer Robert McPherson, aka Psilocybe Fanaticus, who put together early emergent techniques that have since been refined.

Prior to Welcome to Psilocybin, Warner directed the San Francisco Psychedelic Society and helped decriminalize psilocybin in the city of Oakland, California in 2019. Alongside his work with these initiatives, he launched MycoRising to teach home-scale psilocybin cultivation and teaches new growers through his workshops and “Ready? Set. Grow!” online program.

Welcome to Psilocybin is a go-to introductory psilocybin mushroom resource which is critical in navigating the psychedelic with the most effective and safe techniques.

Below is an excerpt from Welcome to Psilocybin that covers a brief history of the activists behind bringing the use of mushrooms into Western consciousness.


A Brief History

The story of mushroom cultivation has a very long history, and the history of psilocybin use goes back far beyond our ability to record it. Luckily, the history of cultivating psilocybin-containing mushrooms indoors is mostly recent. Let’s take a brief walk through the record of psilocybin in Western …

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