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Nestled in a thickly forested area in rugged Northern California, sustainable cannabis is being nurtured. Talking Trees Farms is a legacy farm based in Humboldt County that emphasizes cultivating cannabis using exclusively organic methods and inputs. This means no chemical pesticides, no exceptions.

Thanks to this scrutiny over soil health and inputs, the results are astounding, evident in the brand’s flower as well as renowned bubble hash and solventless extract offerings.

The award-winning brand has earned many achievements. At the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal, Talking Trees won best CBD vape. At the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Central Valley, Talking Trees won second place in Best Hybrid Concentrates with Pink Lemonade live resin and third place for Best Hybrid Flower with Orange Cookies. Talking Trees also holds numerous Emerald Cup wins in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Talking Trees became a brand in 2013 when California’s Prop. 215 era was thriving. Years of expertise led to the brand eventually forming a name for itself as a farm built on a connection to the surrounding environment. The farm puts a significant emphasis on going the extra mile in sustainable practices from cultivation to packaging. Talking Trees does its part to conserve water for a state experiencing severe drought, although that wasn’t the case in 2023 when winter brought catastrophic flood conditions across California. Utilizing the uptick in rainwater, which wasn’t as severe in Humboldt County as in other areas, is ideal for having a smaller impact on the environment, says Talking Trees founder Craig Nejedly.

“I catch rain off the top of the building I have on the property, and then that funnels into a pond, and that’s over three-quarters of an acre big,” Nejedly says. “It catches rain in the winter, stores water, and then we use that to water the garden …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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