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Burgandy Viscosi has over two decades of experience developing beautifully vivid paintings designed to awaken humanity to our collective consciousness. While she displays most of her work at her art gallery in Seattle, Washington, she also has painted many murals at various local businesses and has some featured at John F. Kennedy International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Every artist has an origin story, and Viscosi’s is a powerful one. Following the events of a devastating car accident when she was only 20 years old, Viscosi was unconscious for at least 10 hours. During this time, she witnessed visions that eventually became a potent source of inspiration for her art.

“I had so much information [after the accident], I feel like most of the workings of the universe were answered, and then [I was] just trying to figure out how to translate that into information that I could gift to the world,” she explains. “My body was pretty demolished, but my arms and hands were fine. That’s really when I started painting, and then I never really looked back. I just kept painting. It helped heal me, and then I just was devoted to it from that point on.”

Ancient Future Messenger / Courtesy Burgandy Viscosi

One main theme of the vision she received is still an inspiration across many of her paintings.

“Kind of the universal nature of reality—just kind of a matrix of all existing beings connected to each other was so prominent in my original vision,” Viscosi says.

Other influences come from frequent meditation and her current surroundings at home or while traveling.

Cannabis also plays a part in the early stages of her creative process, especially when she begins to imagine the layout of a new piece or determine where certain elements should go. Viscosi says …

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Author: Ashley Kern / High Times

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