They Rock: The Cool Kids on New Album, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Getting Stoned

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Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks, collectively known as The Cool Kids, chose wisely when picking their name. Noticeably laid back and (yep!) cool, the seasoned hip-hop duo exude an effortless swagger in everything they do—and are humble while doing it, a refreshing quality in a genre that’s so contingent on ego. Since exploding on the scene in 2004 with The Bake Sale EP, The Cool Kids have continually evolved both sonically and artistically, while remaining true to their DIY ethos and experimental sound that attracted such a loyal fanbase. 

On March 3, The Cool Kids began the rollout for their new triple album Before Shit Got Weird, a beautiful amalgamation of clever wordplay, Chuck’s stellar production, and their signature brand of humor. Subsequent releases—Baby Oil Staircase (Mikey solo project) and Chillout (Chuck solo project)—only get better with each listen. The Cool Kids recently had some time to discuss Before Shit Got Weird, their loyal fans, and the time they were flying First Class with Rev. Jesse Jackson—stoned out of their minds.

Courtesy of The Cool Kids

You’re always pushing the envelope, this time dropping three albums back-to-back. How do you feel the projects have been received? 

Chuck Inglish: I think we hit the mark as far as being able to communicate the album concept. Three albums at once is an adventurous move in today’s music climate. People want music, but they aren’t digging for it or paying too much attention to it when an artist releases their album. It’s always what’s next. I think we gave our listeners a new world to explore, a universe that can keep on expanding. This album will never get old because I wasn’t trying to capture the times or be current. We wanted …

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Author: Kyle Eustice / High Times

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