‘Trim Season’ Director Ariel Vada Brings Bud and Witchcraft Together

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Trim Season is a horror film with a setup out of a dream. Making a few extra buckets working a beautiful cannabis farm sounds like a sweet deal. For the ensemble in director Ariel Vida’s film, well, that dream becomes a nightmare once they learn their employer is a witch and interested in more than their trimming services. 

That’s all anyone should know about Trim Season before experiencing its horrific and lovely sights. 

The movie is quite a vision, often burning with green in the frame. There’s the beauty of the bud and the farm that gels well with the low-key blood and guts in the atmospheric horror picture. After a successful run at film festivals, Vida and her cast and crew have made a critical darling that’s perfect for those who enjoy bud and horror. 

Recently, Vida spoke with High Times about making her second film, visiting cannabis farms and speaking with trimmers, and going with a do-it-yourself approach. 

[Note: This interview has been condensed for clarity and length] 

I see you have a poster for Tarsem Singh’s The Fall (which all readers should watch). Was that at all an inspiration for Trim Season?

Definitely. It is one of my favorites. Actually, I saw Tarsem had done an interview and he said that he went bankrupt shooting The Fall, and that he would do it all again in a heartbeat. As I’m trying to get my next projects off the ground, I was happy reading that. For him to say he’d do it again, I was sending it to all my friends, and I was like, “When I bankrupt myself for my next film, I’m just doing what my heroes did.” 

[Laughs] Did any other movies influence you for the Trim …

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Author: Jack Giroux / High Times

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