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Skin Suits

I assume this will happen somewhere around the year 3,000. We’ll be able to step into some kind of full-body suit and become anyone we want. The options will be limited at first: male, female, white, Black. Then they’ll become more advanced. And we, well not us, but our grandkids’ grandkids to the tenth degree, will be able to choose specific ethnicities and hair colors. Then probably even bone and muscle structure.

They could either look like giant, puffy space suits that kind of stand on their own, the way an accordion would. And when you step into it, you pull it over your head then zip it down, and the zipper lives somewhere near the perineum—or taint. Then you pull a little cord on the sleeve and the whole thing suctions to your body. Or they could be more like Morphsuits. I used to want one of those so badly. I wonder what that says about me… And what it says about marketing. That an eleven year old kid would pay money to become invisible. I barely knew what money was, but I would pay it to put one of those shiny ass suits on. I still don’t know the first thing about money.

Obviously, there will be some defective suits that go out, where an eye’s by the chin or on an antenna, or there are mad air bubbles in your skin, but some people will like them anyway and continue to wear them, and those who don’t will donate them and they’ll end up in third-world countries, with a bunch of far-out individuals walking around.

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Author: Cody Lee / High Times

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