Weed & Friendship: The Perfect Formula

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Colson Baker (known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly) and Derek Ryan Smith (known professionally as Mod Sun) are childhood pals who like to make stuff. From hit music tracks to feature films, the duo has had great success creating together and individually. But when it comes to their creative partnership, there’s a certain type of magic that can only happen when you’re working with your best friend. According to Baker, he and Smith always have a rotating harmony when working on various projects. “It’s such a good yin-yang situation between us that we meet in the middle every time. We were given the blessing of if my tank was empty, he was full, and if he was empty, I was full.”

When we connect over Zoom, Baker and Smith are eager to share their movie-making insights and their weed smoking exploits, especially with respect to their latest film, Good Mourning, which they both wrote, directed, and starred in. Good Mourning follows London Clash (played by Baker) who wakes up to a message from his girlfriend that reads “I wish I didn’t have to do this thru text. Good Mourning.”—an assumed breakup text. This alarming possibility arrives on the same day that London has an important meeting that will determine the future of his acting career. His day becomes a wild adventure that forces him to choose between his love life and landing the big role. The ensuing conversation is further proof that the combination of both weed and friendship is the perfect formula for any successful creative pursuit.

Courtesy of High Times / Brigade MarketingHigh Times: Growing up, did you guys ever envision writing, directing, and starring in your own feature films?

Derek Ryan Smith: I did. It was a goal I’d had since I …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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